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2019-20: University of Oxford, MSc in Economic and Social History. I currently hold an offer to begin this MSc in the autumn of 2019.

2015-18: London School of Economics, BSc Economic History, First Class Honours. (Dissertation: ‘Assessing the impacts of British monetary policy in the advent of the Panic of 1825.’ Mark: 85.)

2012-14: A-Levels (Physics A*, History A*, Politics A, Biology A) at Cranbrook School, UK.

2010-12: GCSEs (A* in English Language, English Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Music. A in Maths, Religious Studies, and Spanish) at Cranbrook School, UK.


Working Papers

‘The Role of Bank of England Note Issues Amongst the Causes of the Panic of 1825’, SSRN:


Prizes and Scholarships

2018 Fellowship in Residence at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, in Auburn, AL.

2017 Winner of the Golden Bottle Trust Essay Prize (Economic History)

2017 Fellowship in Residence at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, in Auburn, AL.

2016 Winner of the George and Joele Eddy Prize (Economics)


Academic Conferences/Summer Schools Attended

30th March 2019 – Ludwig von Mises Centre, UK, 2019 conference.

15th-21st July 2018 – Mises University

10th-15th June 2018 – Rothbard Graduate Seminar.

27th January 2018 – Ludwig von Mises Centre, UK, inaugural conference.

23rd-29th July 2017 – Mises University.

4th-9th June 2017 – Rothbard Graduate Seminar.

24th-30th July 2016 – Mises University.


Paper Presentations

12th July 2018 – “The role of Bank of England note issues amongst the causes of the Panic of 1825”, Mises Institute Summer Seminar Series.

13th July 2017 – “Competing Views on the Origin of Money”, Mises Institute Summer Seminar Series.


Media Appearances

22nd July 2017 – The Joey Clark Radio Hour on News Talk 93.1FM, talking about Austrian Economics, the Mises Institute, and the British healthcare system. (audio)


Speaking Engagements

27th January 2018 – “What can MisesUK learn from [the US Mises Institute in] Auburn?” Given at the inaugural conference of the Ludwig von Mises Centre, UK, held at the Amba Hotel Charing Cross, London. (video)


Volunteer work

2015 Political Campaign Coordinator at Conservative Campaign Headquarters, London.

2014 Research assistant at the Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College Cambridge.



Associated Scholar of The Ludwig von Mises Centre, UK.

Member of the Scientific Council of Estudios Libertarios, an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed academic journal which publishes research in both English and Spanish, related to economics and political theory.

Regular writer of editorials and popular articles on economic, political, and historical topics. Previously published in outlets including the London financial newspaper City A.M.,, and (see ‘List of Articles‘ page on this website).

Narrated an audiobook of The Myth of National Defense edited by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, published by the Mises Institute in April 2019.

Was Treasurer (2015-16) and then President (2016-17) of the London School of Economics’ Hayek Society, and Secretary of the Beekeeping Society (2015-16).

Ordained minister.