• 2017 Winner of the Golden Bottle Trust Essay Prize for best paper on medieval monetary history.
  • 2017 Fellow in Residence at the Ludwig von Mises Institute.
  • 2016 Winner of the George and Joele Eddy Prize in the Mündliche Prüfung oral examination in Economics.
  • 2016 – present: Writer of popular articles on economic and political topics for outlets including Mises.org and LewRockwell.com.
  • 2015 – present: BSc in Economic History at the London School of Economics.
  • 2015 Political Campaign Organiser at Conservative Party Headquarters.
  • 2014: Research assistant at the Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College Cambridge.
  • 2012-14: A-Levels (Physics A*, History A*, Politics A, Biology A) at Cranbrook School.
  • 2010-12: GCSEs (A* in English Language, English Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Music. A in Maths, Religious Studies, and Spanish) at Cranbrook School.