Bt4ji9zK_400x400Welcome to The Laissez Pharaoh blog!

My name is George Pickering, and I’m currently an Economic History undergraduate at the London School of Economics, and President of the LSE Hayek Society, which promotes libertarian ideas on campus. I also write about Bank of England policy and the British economy for the Mises Institute and LewRockwell.com (see my “List of Articles” page on this site for details.)

This will act as my main site for the time being, from which all other things relevant to me online are comprehensively linked. I also hope the blog here will be a place where I can more informally opine on current events and libertarian theory, both in writing and perhaps even in video form somewhere down the road. But primarily I hope to use this platform to develop my understanding of Austrian Economics, and communicate its ideas to anyone interested to learn.

I am admittedly fairly new to the ideas of the Austrian school, having first discovered them in the early summer of 2015. However, since that time I have been voraciously consuming as much literature on the subject as I have been able to find, as well as having attended the Mises University summer programme in 2016, and have consequently become more and more convinced of the importance of Austrian analysis in economics. In particular, the highly unorthodox Austrian method, and the Austrian emphasis on the role of Time in economics, have become of especially keen interest to me.

I highlight my relatively recent discovery of these ideas to emphasise that this blog will represent a learning experience for me. Although I will endeavour to master the ideas of Austrian Economics as fully as I reasonably can before writing about them, I also hope that writing these posts, and hopefully interacting with any responses to them, will allow me to refine my own thinking about the ideas over time.

In the meantime though, I hope you will enjoy reading my (somewhat infrequent) writings on this blog. Please feel free to comment or contact me whenever you’d like.


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