My Thoughts on the New Tory Government

Just a quick post to say I was recently privileged to have my first article published on  the very important libertarian site

In the article I give my opinion on the first major speech by new British PM Theresa May, and the unpleasant new direction in which she seems to be taking the Conservative Party. As you can probably guess from Lew’s characteristically incendiary headline, I’m not too pleased with how the new government seems to be combining the economic policies of Labour with the immigration policies of UKIP.

For the full story, feel free to check out the article here:

And as always, my “List of Articles” page here on this blog contains an up-to-date list of everything I’ve written elsewhere. So if you’re interested to read more, be sure to check up on that page to make sure you’re not letting anything else fly under the radar.

More to come soon…


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