It’s Time To Leave, and Take Back our Ancient Liberties.

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Before we all vote today, I think it’s important to remind ourselves of what it is that we’re actually directly voting on, particularly after a campaign with this many misdirections and red herrings. This referendum on our membership of the European Union has no direct impact on trade or economic policy, it has no direct impact on immigration, and it certainly has no bearing whatsoever on wishy-washy concepts such as “co-operation” and “fellowship” with Europeans. What we are directly voting on today is whether or not laws should be imposed upon us by 28 European Commissioners whom no one has ever elected, and whom none of us will ever be able to vote against. It’s as simple as that. When you find yourself with the ballot paper in front of you later today, you should at least be aware of exactly what concrete thing it is that you’re giving your moral seal of approval to. If you put your X in the remain box, understand that you’re not voting for “tolarance”, or for trade and co-operation with Europe, or against any unsavoury types you might find on the other side. The real, concrete thing that you’re actually consenting to is the idea that supreme legislative and executive power over 64 million Britons should be combined in the hands of 28 people who no one ever voted for. Really think about that when the ballot paper is sitting in front of you. Trade, immigration, defence, culture: these are all secondary issues which we can argue and re-argue, decide and re-decide another day. Today, however, is our one chance to stand up for our democracy; to stand up for the principle which previous generations laid down their lives for, back through the World Wars, the English Civil War, Magna Carta, and even beyond. Will we turn our backs on our legacy of democracy today, or will we pass it on safely to our children, and generations yet unborn? Today is our one chance. Don’t let yourselves down. #VoteLeave


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